Is Leaky Gut Keeping You Stuck?
...Your Weight Loss Journey Isn't About Willpower, Carbs or Counting Points...
It’s about having the right information to succeed...for good.
Hosted by Lori DePietro-Standen, CPT, CNE
Lori DePietro-Standen began her 15-year career in the wellness industry as a yoga instructor and personal trainer. She holds professional certifications totaling over 300 hours in nutrition, weight loss, and pre-diabetic counseling and has thousands of hours of experience working directly with clients. Having her own story of transformation, illness recovery and a 60 pound weight loss, Lori works with others to achieve optimum health and healing through her exclusive program, The InnerStrength Way. She is a published author and health speaker, and her healthy living blog is read in 10 countries.

Tuesday August 27th, 8pm EST
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What you’ll find on this FREE Training:
Discover What Leaky Gut is, and How It Leads to an Inability to Lose Weight.
We’ll talk specifically about the physical symptoms you've encountered that are decreasing your quality of life, and how this conditions is keeping you from taking back control and getting healthy for good.
Learn Why Your Cravings Are Running the Show and How You Can Stop Food From Being the Boss of You.
You’ll find out why willpower, moderation and deprivation aren't the answer and what a healthy lifestyle REALLY looks like. Spoiler Alert: It's not about "dieting" and your past failures aren't your fault.
Learn How To Get Off the Yo-Yo Dieting Train and Get Slim and Healthy for Life! 
You’ll see how using The PlantPower Solution will give you what you need to embrace a healthy lifestyle long-term, so you’ll never feel hopeless, unempowered and uncomfortable in your own 
skin again.
(My trainings are first come, first serve, and fill up every time so make sure you register right away and get there early!)
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